Three Angels

Triptych in progress. First angel already in place. Two more to go!

Working with the architecture of the residence, 12th Street Glass suggested a triptych; in this case, angels. Finished project will consist of three male guardian angels. Plans at this point include Samurai Sword Angel (completed), and Archer Angel (in process). The third panel has not yet been determined, but we have several ideas in mind, including the ever popular Guitar Angel. Check back again and watch the progress as we transform this dark and some what dowdy corner with painted glass beauty!

As you can see from this photo, the area does not get a great deal of light from the outside, as the right two windows are shaded by a holly tree, and the leftmost window lets onto the front porch. Sheer curtains have done well enough in the past for privacy, but even further reduced the aleady minimal light. The three angels painted glass triptych will admit the most light possible (short of clear glass) while the opaque and "swirly" qualities of the art will enable privacy.

Samurai Angel, complete with toe ring and katana! Piece is not yet completed in these pictures; we still have to give him something to stand on, as well as applying the plastic coating and "swirly" texture onto the remaining clear areas. But you can pretty much get the idea of how he will look when finished!